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    Unfortunately shortly I will be relocating and Tmobile does not offer service where I am moving. For this reason, I will be moving to Sprint PCS within the next week or two. So, I'm going to have to sell my Treo 600 and turn around and buy one from Sprint to work on their system.

    At present unit is locked on TMobile however as Im sure most people know, there is software floating around that will unlock it for use on ATT, Cingular, etc.

    I am including all original parts, including box, manual, etc and also tossing in a Handspring leather case (The one that covers the keyboard and screen). The unit also has a G4 screen protector on it which I will not be removing.

    Unit is in great shape. I can provide photos to serious buyers if need be. Askng price is $475.00 shipped via UPS with insurance.

    Anyone interested, PM me or email me at Jay@MeanKidsRacing.Com
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    You've got mail.
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    Sold to the above gentleman
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    If the above gentleman you are referring to is me, I think you might have made a mistake. Haven't heard back from you since Friday.

    Anyway, congrats on the sale

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    Oops.. sold to the guy at

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