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    Topic pretty much says it all.

    WTB a Treo 270, condition doesn't really matter (doesn't have to be mint, but not broken), T-Mobile preferred, or at least unlocked.

    eMail me at or PM or reply here.

    eric smith
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    How long can you wait, and how much do you want to spend? I'm looking at the 2/2 launch (hopefully) of the T600 on T-mobile, and then my mint condition 270 will be available.
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    $160 sounds good? I can get them brand-new unlocked from for $199, so I figure $160 is fair. I can wait a couple of weeks, let me know if you're interested though.

    eric smith
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    If T-Mo comes through next week as hoped, you've got a deal. I'll send you an off-forum message later.
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    Btw, where did you hear that 2/2 was the day for the Treo 600?

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    I tried to send you this message on the Yahoo account listed above, but it bounced back to me, saying there was no active account.

    I got the info--or should I say rumor--on the 2/2 T-Mobile 600 release here on TreoCentral. Of all the rumors I've seen so far, it seems pretty credible. But you never know. And I guess we don't know if that's just an ordering date, or if they'll be shipping that day as well.

    If you'd be interested in bumping the price up to $175, I can throw in a cradle for the 270.

    Both the 270 and cradle are in excellent condition. The unit is always cased (I can throw in a new Brookstone case too), and I've always used screen protectors. I've never even peeled off the protective stickers on both sides of the flip up window. No scratches. It's branded T-Mobile. $160-$175 is a good amount of money, so if you want pictures beforehand, let me know.

    And if you can find a better deal before T-Mo releases the 600, go for it--my feelings certainly won't be hurt.

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    take out the nospam bit to email me.

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    PByron, please contact me via email. Need to check something with you. You can just click the email link at the bottom of the post, or send to (remove nospam)

    eric smith

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