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    Anybody who has springboard modules for sale, please email me! I CURRENTLY have a Visor Pro, and currently run a Magellan GPS, a Targus Handcam (I need someone to email me the interface software for this), a two channel occilloscope/voltmeter and an ODBII automobile engine scanner. I am looking for:

    a) a wifi module
    b) a cellphone module
    c) a modem module
    d) memory modules
    e) any medical diagnostics modules
    f) any module development kits
    g) anything else that may pique my interest, try me!
    h) as I said, I desperately need the PC interface software for a Targus Handcam module.
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    I've sprint PCS compatible one for sale .... !!!! Asking $30 for it ... never used!!!!

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    interested in an Innopak 2/v? 2 megs with vibration...

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    i gotta handspring modem module for sale if u want? great condition and all, let me know your offer!

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