Looking to sell a SE T608 that has been very lightly used. Purchased, tried, and will go back to my trusty ol' Treo. Willing to give members here a shot at it before I post it on Ebay.

Price: $250 (cost of phone from Sprint PCS + taxes + shipping to me)

Shipping will be charged based on "REAL RATES" (aka, I'll drop it off at the post office with insurance + tracking and that's how much it'll cost). If you know how much it'll cost to ship from NYC, then just tack it on to the price. Otherwise, I'll have some estimates.

Here's the best part: Based on my VERY limited use of the phone, Sprint PCS Vision can be successfully provisioned on this specific phone. I know some of them out there don't provision correctly, but I can provision it and use the WAP browser. Zero problems.

If you're interested in trying the only Bluetooth phone on Sprint's 3G network out, send me a message. Thanks,


Large graphic display

Color display

Downloadable games

Downloadable ringtones

Polyphonic Speaker/Speakerphone

WAP 2.0

PC synchronization

Voice Memo

Voice services including Magic Word and Digit Dialing

GPS for emergency location tracking

Picture Caller ID

Internal antenna

Content Online

Start-up/Shutdown shows


CDMA 800

CDMA 1900

Available colors**:

Platinum Frost


106x48x19mm 4.2x1.9x.75Ins