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    I have a boxed, as new, sim free Treo 600.

    This has been firmware upgraded and unlocked for any network.

    In the box is a 32meg memory card, docking cradle, case, software and hands free headset.

    It is an Orange Treo, but due to the flashing all Orange branding in the firmware has been removed and the phone is as Handspring intended it to be. Which is much nicer than the Orange look!

    I am in the UK and will post to Europe.

    250 + postage.

    You cannot buy these off contract in the UK. Expansys claim they will have them in a month at 438 (they have been claiming a month for ages!)

    Email me with offers.


    PS I cannot supply any patched files. Please do not ask. There is enough information in the unlocking thread to allow anyone to unlock their Treo.
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    Can you guarantee the phone will remain unlocked if the buyer upgrades to a newer to-be-released firmware? One that would perhaps include voice dialing, or better camera software?
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    Fair point. No I cannot.

    However as I do pride myself in being a fair trader, what I will do is guarantee that if a solution cannot be found to reunlock it after further firmware upgrades then I will pay the going rate for an unlock.

    I would expect a reasonable solution to unlocking to have been found by that time.

    Please feel free to search google groups for Marc Goldman (or any other news archiving service), or look me up on eBay (uczmeg). I have been trading on the Internet since 1991 with no problems.

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    I have an unlocked one, done the official way for sale. But had to pay a hell of a lot more, so I'm asking 410 CASH only. I'm in London /Hertfordshire.

    This will be guaranteed by Orange to stay unlocked despite firmware upgrades, or they will feel my wrath!

    Look me up on Ebay


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