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    That's right - two CDMA Sprint PCS Treo 600s for sale...

    They're not originally mine (I love mine too much!). They come from users I know. They asked me to ebay them, but I thought I'd offer here first, since I know they'll sell on ebay at the price being asked...

    The first is scratched. Not on the screen, or anywhere on the front. The scratches are all on the back of the phone. It basically skidded across a driveway, leaving some gouged scratches in the plastic back. It didn't damage the camera lens at all, and the ESN sticker is still intact. Basically, the user got a replacement from me...since I was the one who caused the scratches... And I got the old T600. It works perfectly, there was absolutely no damage to any of the hardware. If you don't mind a few scratches on its back, you'll have no problems with this Treo. I've got three pics of it, that show that it indeed does work and there isn't any damage on the front, and then a pic that tries to show the scratches on the back:

    Treo Screen
    Treo Front
    Treo Back

    The scratches are not terribly deep, but they are evident - so I want to make sure anyone offering to buy it knows that they are there. But they don't affect the useability at all, and with a standard case no one will even see them! It hasn't been used for much more than a month, I believe, all in all, and it runs perfectly (I've tested it for a while on an active line to make sure it didn't have any troubles). It has all of the original box accessories - charger, sync cable, earbud, manual & CD. This Treo can be yours for $300.

    The second was from someone who decided they didn't want it, but it was too late to return it. It's in perfect condition, and actually all of the cables included with the it are unopened and brand-new (he used his old Treo 300 cables). It's been used for just over a month all in all, and it is in perfect condition. It will be sold for $350.

    If you want either of these (or both!), PM me ASAP. If I put them on eBay, I'll probably mark them up a bit, but I wanted to give anyone here at TC a chance firsthand to get 'em (I know you'll appreciate them! )

    If I haven't heard anything in a week (by Jan. 22), I'll assume there's no interest.

    Thanks, and PM me!!!

    - D
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    The $350 T600 has been sold - this leaves the $300 one. If you are interested in it, PM me. It's a deal!
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    I'll take it. I need sprint only please
    Bob Shipman
    Congressional District Foundation, PA One
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    Is it still available? I'll queue up if so...
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    Thanks for everyone's response, by PM & by post. At this time, the sale is closed. Both Treos have been bought & paid for. Thanks again, guys!

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