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    I love my treo 600 and I love the sprint service but after a few months of light use I am thinking it's overkill for me. I am wondering if anyone out there with Sprint service and a decent flip phone (Sanyo 8100 maybe) would be interested in a trade. I would need some additional compensation depending on the phone. My treo is in great shape as it's been hardly used. Just seeing if there is any interest...let me know here. Thanks.
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    Do you still have the t6?
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    Yes I do. Are you at all interested? I love the treo but am considering trading.
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    email me and I can give me your number. We can work out the details offline.
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    I am looking for a treo 600 - do you have any accessories?

    I have an A500 - I was going to call and have it replaced with the insurance, it needs an antenna -

    I think they have 3 day service for a replacement if you are interested let me know

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    got a new sanyo vm4500 (video phone)-- interested?? PM ME
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    Thanks for all the posts guys. I have decided to keep my treo. It's an unbelievable phone and after playing with a few other phones and smartphones, this is the one. Thanks for the responses.

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