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    for sale:

    made by lexar 128mb secure digital cards. looking to get $50 shipped for each.

    I got these cards on clearance at a store and have about six or seven left. I can cut a deal for purchasing more than one but it needs to be at least worth my time to package them up and ship them off or i'll just save myself the hassle and just take them back. hope that makes sense. the ones next to these were $80 and at least with these you wont' have to worry about rebates and such.

    would perhaps consider hard drives as trade or perhaps a portable lcd gaming screen.

    thanks for looking.

    heatware is under orangezero as well
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    Personally $50 is sorta high for 128 SD. You can find on Ebay all day 256 SD's selling for 60 or so shipped. Just an FYI.

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