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    Hello everyone,

    As a long time Visor Prism user, I've finally upgraded to a Treo and would like to sell my old handheld.

    The Prism features the original leather slip cover, box (with original software cds), hotsync cradle, power cord, springboard module cover, 6 styluses, and the following extras that I've bought over the years:

    - Compact Flash MemPlug
    - 64MB Compact Flash Card
    - Targus Stowaway Keyboard (Visor edition)
    - Case
    - Handmark WordSmith Pro (with CD and original packaging)

    I used the handheld for everyday tasks, so it's in fair condition (no dings)!

    I would like to try and get at least $180 for the whole kit. If anyone is interested, please private message me in the forums or e-mail

    The buyer will pay for shipping and I will accept personal checks or PayPal (I'm PayPal Verified, BTW)
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    Here are some images...

    Don't worry... these are all stored on my server.
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