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    was hoping for some advice, as this whole "locked" or "unlocked" thing has me a bit confused.

    I have a used Treo 180 and a used Treo 270 I'd like to sell. Since I just upgraded from TMobile to Sprint for the 600, I obviously dont need my SIM card anymore.

    do I sell the card with one of the Treos?

    does unlocking it, as I've seen explained elsewhere, allow non-TMobile customers to use them? should I allow the buyer to do this instead?

    thanks for any advice...

    - john
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    Unlocked T-Mobile Treos will work on any GSM network. They are more valuable unlocked. But, the Treo 600 is so much better that I am finding it hard to find someone who wants an old Treo. They were great pdas but only marginal phones. Ebay might be a good place to sell one.
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    I got what I consider a VERY good price for my 270 on eBay. On the other hand, I bought a refurb 180 for a pittance in order to get another serial number for an upgrade. So I'm not sure that the used 180 will go for too very much.

    My intention was to keep the 180 as a "backup" phone because I had some problems with the 270 a few times (ended up having 4 270s in 5 months) and have a little Motorola as a backup. Thought the 180 would be a good backup in case the 600 gave me grief, but I'm having such good luck with the 600 that I'm thinking of going ahead and selling the 180 on ebay too.

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    Originally posted by visorhawk
    I have a used Treo 180 and a used Treo 270 I'd like to sell.

    from what i've seen, used 180's and 270's aren't fetching a pretty penny on the auction sites. i think it has to do with HS and providers practicaly giving away refurbed, used, and even new ones.

    i'm waiting for a 600 on t-mobile, but my current 180 is crapping out on me. i considered buying an old/refurb from HS or one of the providers, but even their cheap prices aren't worth it for this short amount of time.

    i'd be willing to buy one of yours from you if you're having a hard time unloading them, but i really can't pay much at all. either way, good luck.

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    locked phone can only be used on the provider's network.
    unlocked phone can be used on any network.

    if you get the phone unlocked by calling t-mobile you should be able to get a better price.

    do not sell/give the sim cards. they have to do with your calling plans and saved numbers. if you are no longer with tmobile just throw them away.


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