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    My wife says I have to get rid of 'all this old junk' before she will let me buy any more 'toys' and since I'm thinking of getting a Zodiac, I need to unload some of my old springboard modules and other accessories. Everything starts for $1.00 with no reserve:

    Items and prices (as of 12/14/03 8:45pm pacific):

    Stowaway Folding Keyboard 4 Handspring Visor $1.00
    Thinmodem Plus Springboard 4 Handspring Visor $1.00
    MiniJam 64MB MP3 Springboard Handspring Visor $1.00
    MiniJam 64MB MP3 Springboard Handspring Visor $1.00
    MemPlug SmartMedia adapter 4 Handspring Visor $1.00
    SoundsGood 64MB MP3 Player 4 Handspring Visor $1.00
    Presenter-to-go Springboard Handspring Visor $1.00
    OmniRemote Springboard for Handspring Visor $1.00
    InnoPak 2/V Springboard for Handspring Visor $1.00
    Eyemodule Camera Springboard Handspring Visor $1.00
    StarTrek BookPack Springboard HandspringVisor $1.00
    Modem Springboard Module for Handspring Visor $1.00
    Phone Springboard Module for Handspring Visor $1.00
    GPS Springboard Module for Handspring Visor $1.00
    Battery-powered travel chargers 4 Visor Prism $1.00
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    Do you still have any of these modules?
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    I have the MiniJam and am on a hunt for the Speedloader. I'm working on a Mac platform and wondering if you know if Speedloader was ever ported to Mac? (it was in development right after Innogear released the PC version)

    Hopefully you know what I'm going on about! I'm assuming you're coming from the PC angle because you have the SoundsGood mp3 player but wondering if you've got some info you could share with me or know somebody who could help.

    Please send me an updated list of what you still have to sell. I'm interested.


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