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    I have a treo 600 on Orange uk for sale less than a month old with all original accesories - slip case, usb cable, 32mb sd card, user manual, headset etc

    I would prefer to ship to uk only but if buyer is willing to pay the shipping will consider otherwise.

    Also have a 128mb sd card will sell with treo if the price is right.

    Make me offers pm or reply to this thread
    cheers mick
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    Assuming that it is 100% functioning, unlocked, and unblemished, I'll give you $50 USD plus shipping. You got it for free, right?
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    Thanks for the offer but i bought it for substantialy more than that as i did not buy it with a contract and yes it is functioning 100%.

    I payed the equivilent of upwards of 600 usd which is about 350 gbp any sensible offers in that regio will be considered.

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    Oops - mistake posting.
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    bump still for sale, make me offers or will consider a swap for a sony erricson p900.

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