hey everyone!

new to the forums, but i have been reading up on for a while now. just threads get moved so fast!

nonetheless, here is my situation. i currently use att GSM services here in nyc. and i love this device! caveat is: i just dont have enough funds to pick this up right now. i am helping some people out with cash and holiday gifts is really throwing a curve ball to my situation.

anyway, i am looking to either sell or trade+cash for a treo 600.

i have 3 items that you guys may be interested in.

1) Motorola Accompli 009 (all accessories, manuals, included, used for less then 2 hours, but probably less - sitting on the shelf!)

2) RIM 950 Blackberry email devices - x2 (1 is used, in great shape, 2nd one is Brand new with a cleared ESN # ready to activate

Best wishes and warmest regards this holiday season. Hope santa comes through for me this holiday!

pm me as i should have no problems supplying pictures for these items as well.