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    I have a brand new Treo 600 (Sprint) .I used it for exactly 7 days. I recently moved to DC last week and coverage of Sprint sucks and so i will be moving to a new service with the number portability as well.

    Its an unlocked phone and can be therefore used by any Sprint user. I am asking for $500 (bought for $600) Or BEst OFffer + Shipping
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    I will pay $200.00, interested.
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    it just got sold for $475. thanks a lot for your offer.
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    In Philly, we upgraded to 2500 plan 12/4, 2nd line free vision free, moble to moble free, however my son has sanyo $99 camera phone, I want a t600 badly. Anyone have ideas of getting one below retail price? I do not want to add a 3rd phone???

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    I just bought a treo 600 last night from Best Buy. Haven't slept since. I got an excellent deal - but it's going to be tricky and might even be painful. Here's how: is offering it for $249 (new activation only with 2 year plan) after rebates. $200 rebate from amazon, $150 (2 yr., otherwise $100) from Sprint.

    Print these rebates out. Put them in folder.

    Take them to Best Buy (I hope you are in america, otherwise you probably won't recognize the name, hence, in that case, goto your local rip-you-off-electronics-appliances-but-have-service-plan-to-make-it-worth-it-store). BB sells it for $399 with new 2 year plan. Ask for a pricematch. If not, seem really distraught, look to your wife/friend (ie shell) mumble something about really wanting to get it from best buy, and say, can you add any customer satisfaction accessories or give me % of any hardware or car chargers? You'll be happy to know if you do set up a new line 2 yr contract for $399 - there is another $150 rebate loophole, bringing the price down to $150 after your first bill....

    My escapade took 2.5 hours, actually i was looking for at first, treo car charger. BB offers it to me for free, tells me they will also give me "employee discount" on memory card... i go to get the 256 MB SD card for $79-$15mir from FUJI, they are out... employee comes back, only tells me she can give me %10 off memory card... i plan on bringing it back anyway (aka renting it) so i take the offer. They don't have any treo 600 accessories (item is too new they claim), i'm aggravated, look into an AC cigarette adapter (basically i can plug my laptop or tv or xbox into car now), she gives it to me for $5. In the end I walk out with 256 MB SD card, treo 600, ac adapter plug for $530....kinda of expensive, but wait there's more...

    1 rebate from sprint is filled out in store. they give me instant $150 rebate... but they also give me $150 rebate from sprint again, after i pay my first bill (it could be service credit, i'm not sure, regardless, it's a good deal)... in essence, it's dropped to $249 and i have my treo in my hand instantly, instead of waiting 3-5 weeks from Amazon.

    Seeing how happy I have been in the last 26 hours since I bought it, watching movies, listening to streaming audio, chatting it up with buddies, it has been worth it. I feel your pain to get this immediately, I even made offers to Ebay sellers outside of auctions (one offered his 512 mb sd card, treo, car charger, leather case, few software titles and something else for $500.)
    I defintely recommend checking out ebay if you have service already, and writing to sellers who sell sprint cdma offering them a price if they "close auction early". mention is selling it for $249 ($599-$200rebate-$150rebate).

    Good luck!
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    I almost forgot, if you buy it from Best Buy, get the service plan.

    If your phone breaks or any problems whatsoever- they give you brand new treo 600.

    Also, adding the $4 a month sprint insurance plan is good too. I got them both. If it breaks, I get one from best buy immediately. If it's lost or stolen, I goto sprint store and they give me a refurbished phone for $35.

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