I noticed this the other day when browsing electronics/computer section at www.ebates.com. I've used Ebates for a while now (it's free) and have found it easy and a nice way to cover at least my shipping costs on many items. I get a check every quarter from them when I pass through their web site and into the stores (hundreds of them) that they have on their site and purchase something. (The stores they have on their site pay for this). This post isn't intended to be spam since this pertains specifically to buying the Handspring. Hopefully you won't take offense. Here's a canned message from them - if you do decide to investigate, clicking on my link at the bottom would be nice. Enjoy.

"I just found a great way to shop online. Go to ebates.com. They give you a cash rebate for buying at your favorite stores, like CDNow, Beyond.com ,Borders and Handspring. Signing up takes only seconds and it's free. I'm still paying the same price for everything, but I earn cash rebates of up to 25%.

I even earn money for getting friends to join. If you join ebates.com they'll give me 10% of any rebate you earn - out of their pocket. So if you get people to join you'll get 10% of their rebates and I get a percentage too.

Don't forget to enter my name as the person who referred you!

Or click on the link below.