Hello fellow treo users!
I started http://treo1.com about 10 days ago now, after working on the design etc, since the treo was announced. While the site is still in its infantcy, I have decided to add a forum.
Having been around here since 1999, I felt that the treo users did not need another place to talk about treo's when we have the best, treocentral.com, and treo.treocentral.com, its mobile forum.
So I am announcing today, that with permission from Marcus, I am linking treocentral.com's mobile forum on the front page at http://treo1.com
I hope everyone will agree this make treo1.com, your one stop, plain and simple for treo news, ringtones, mini reviews, and now, treocentrals mobile forum!
Oh yeah, one more thing, a new logo!
Stop by and check it out!