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    I have recently upgraded to a Palm IIIc and am liquidating my Blue Visor Deluxe and all the goodies on ebay. Please check it out:

    Thanks for your interest. Any questions, please let me know!!!

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    Saw your auction ended at $280 without the reserve being met. Time for a reality check here... why would anyone want to buy a used Visor on ebay for the same price it can be bought new? The extra stylus, slipcover, and hardcover wouldn't do it for me either!
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    If you read the auction clearly, you would know that the Visor unit itself has never been used. I got a replacement from Handspring and haven't touched it except to take it out of the box. Plus you get 2 cradles. The cost of a new one plus the cost to get an extra stylus and and extra serial cradle is more than what she got it for.

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