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    I have one green stylus and one blue stylus available for $5 each.

    Respond here (please do not email me). First come, first serve. First class postage is included. Pay via PayPal. If you're not a PayPal member, you can go here: (it might pay for the stylus if you get a $5 signing bonus... not entirely sure though)
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    Ill take the blue stylus please. Tell me if I am in fact the one that got it, and if so, where I should PayPal it to? I think I'm the first one responding but I just want to make sure.
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    Is the blue still available? Thanks!
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    Whoops... posted a new topic first! Let's try posting a reply this time!

    Sorry, but as you should've been able to tell from above, the blue one has been claimed...

    I still have one green one sitting on my desk waiting for a new home though.
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    i'll go for green.

    what's the next step?

    i like bananas.

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