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    I'm selling screen protectors for the visor which I've made. The dimensions are of the right size and it's the kind where you slip it under the frame. I did find it more slippery and hence my graffiti has gone much faster. I'm selling it for $0.50 a piece and the shipping is $0.50 for as many as you want. Email me for orders my paypal account ID is
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    how good do they work? how do they scratch? easily? ill admit 50 cents is a very good price..
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    To tell you the truth I just want my priciple back, and maybe a little extra. I was only planning to make enough for myself but I had to purchase a very large sheet. The plastic feels very stiff but flexible. There are a few scratches on mine but those are from people who don't know how to use it. You see I let a lot of people use my visor mainly to diddle on the DiddleBug. The graffiti area still looks good. I would say to have a piece of mind, it's great material. I got the idea from a guy on ebay. I purchased his protectors for 4 for $10, and my material is better. If you want to know the plastic is bought froma specialty store and the name they wrote was "acetate".
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    Acetate does tend to scratch a bit quicker than some other materials, although i've used it on my screen. I've found myself more happy with an ordinary sheet protector (the 3 hole kind you put pages in and put into a binder) cut to size. It feels like the visor screen, if not a bit slicker, and is super cheap (usually $.25 per sheet that makes 18 or so).

    Just my 2 cents

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    Watch out for InventorB, the inventor of the rectangular plastic sheet. He will shut you down so fast...

    Check out Off-Topic for the discussion about this psycho if you're concerned...


    "the BAND!"

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