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    I have a couple of Visor Springboards, and Visor Edge accessories up for sale on Ebay: VisorPhone, 16mb Backup module, 56k thinmodem, SnapNPlay... More to follow - I'll be posting them up as soon as I can borrow a digital camera.

    Please check them out here:

    Shipping will be the exact amount. So if you're interested in an item, please ask and I'll waddle to the post office to find out.

    I just got a treo 270, so yet again I'm moving from the "trailing" to the "middle" edge in Handspring technology - If I didn't have to pay rent and/or eat I'd probably get a treo 600... ah well, someday.

    Thanks for looking.

    Update: MiniJam going up tonight - Thurs Nov 20.
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