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    Hi, Please don't consider this a hoax or spam. I have sold a few of the deluxe stylus' at eBay and I had a thought...

    Anyone who has never used the service at automatically gets $5 in their new account at PayPal just for signing up with them.

    Likewise, if a person signs up for the PayPal service and indicates that I was the way they heard about PayPal then I too get $5 for having referred that person!

    So, If anyone wants a Free stylus, sign up with and tell them I sent you. Then use the $5 you got for signing up with them to "pay" me.

    This means I get $10 total.
    (Your sign on dollars you received free plus the $5 I get for referring you.)
    This means you get a free deluxe stylus just for using me as your referal and signing up with PayPal.

    Note: I am not a dealer and I have limited quantities. Currently I have 2 of each color. So I must have any interested parties email me at so that I can gaurantee that I will have the color you want.

    This is first come first serve for anyone interested in a free deluxe stylus. Limited to people who have not used PayPal previously so that the sign up dollars result in the stylus being free of charge.

    My intention is not to offend anyone here. I am a very happy Handspring Visor Deluxe (blue) user myself and I LOVE my Visor and this discussion group!

    E-mail me if interested.

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  2. #2 get $10 and I get a stylus.

    Hmm...sounds like SPAM to me...
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    Homer.. With all due respect, I would have preferred your reply to read;
    " get $10 and I get a FREE stylus.

    Hmm...sounds like a good deal to me!"

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    But it's not a "good deal." You get $10. I spend $5 to get a $3 stylus.

    But if people want to do it, more power to you...

    (oh...and for the record, if you are sending spam DO NOT start it with "Hi, Please don't consider this a hoax or spam."...that's usually a dead give away!)

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    Homer, in rrreed's defense, you're not acually "spending" the $5 because it doesn't come out of your pocket, it all comes from PayPal.

    However, I agree with you that he's making pretty good money from it, it's just all PayPal's.

    For those of us a little terminology-challenged, could you please define "Spam"?

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    This should probably be on the Buy/Sell/Exchange board.
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    For those of us a little terminology-challenged, could you please define "Spam"?
    I believe the term SPAM originated from the definition "Email of questionable origin." (Hormel Spam: Canned meat of questionable origin)

    However, it now refers to any unsolicited marketing/scam/MLM scheme pitch whether via email, bulleting boards, ICQ, or what have you.

    I'm giving rrread a hard time because he's simply trying to pitch a MLM scheme on everyone. Most people don't fall for them, but a lot do. Sometimes because they're stupid, sometimes because they've just been duped.

    I have nothing against rrread makeing a few bucks, but his claim that we get a "free stylus" is wrong. We get $5 from Paypal for taking the time to sign up. We then PAY rrread $5, plus he gets another $5 for our trouble, to send us a $3 stylus.

    I'd suggest to rread that you have people sign up with PayPal and then you send the stylus to them FROM THE $5 FINDER FEE. You still make a $2 profit off of the entire transaction.

    But...whatever...I'm not trying to stop anyone from doing business in any way they can...I just don't like Spam. It's insulting.
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    Thanks na2rboy.

    You are correct. I posted my offer at the Buy/ sell / exchange board just now.

    I should have done that in the first place.

    I apologize to anyone and everyone who is offended by my offer.

    If you read my post I clearly point out that I am making money doing this, and that your cost is your time signing up with paypal using me as a reference, and giving me your free $5 you earn by signing up.

    This is a great group and I do not want to gain a bad reputation with other people here.

    After all.. We all own the GREAT Handspring Visor! That should be enough to let us all live happily together.

    One more thought... Homer, please tell me where I can buy the deluxe stylus for $3. I'm getting ripped off if that's the case.

    Thanks for your valuable time and help,

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    $15.95/5 = $3.20

    Even with shipping, it would be much less than $10/stylus.

    Besides, the stylus isn't really free. Think of the opportunity cost of the $5. As those annoying commercials keep reminding me, I could get 100 minutes of long distance for $5...

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