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    Yes, still more stylii for sale because handspring won't make available a 5-pack of BLACK stylii for those of us who don't want fruity flavors for our Black VDs.

    I have:
    2 Blue
    2 Green
    2 Orange
    /(Yellow?) and
    1 Ice

    US$5.00 each which includes regular old first class USPS shipping (unless you want to pay for priority)

    May trade a color for a black one...

    Will check replies here for first-come-first-serve.
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    I'll take 1 green and 1 blue.

    Email me at


    Craig Hook

    Have Visor Will Travel!
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    I'll take an Ice and a Blue.


    Pete Jackson

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    I'll take the ice Stylus

    Alberto Cajigas Jr.


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    (Sorry...I had to cancel my request)

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    Ok... SO FAR:

    I have:
    1 Green
    2 Orange

    still remaining.

    Craig (Visor Empowered) Hook gets a blue and a green.
    Pete Jackson gets a Blue and an Ice.

    That's the update so far (will still consider trading color (from me) for a black (to me).
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    I would like to buy the Ice stylus. Hey Pete do you mind if I buy it so everyone gets at least one?

    Thanks a lot


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    Well, Al, kind of a cheesy way to go about it, but apparently you got it.

    Here's the updated "What's Left" list:
    1 Green
    1 Orange

    Same terms as above. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME ANY REQUESTS. All requests must be posted here (even the last two). Thank you.
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    I'll take a green one. I'm in Canada. Let me know how you want to be paid.
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    I'll talk the orange, thanks!

    Shawn Harrel
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    Should we send the payment now or do we have to wait for a shipping confirmation


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    I got my Ice Stylus yesterday. I really like the way it looks in my ICE Visor Deluxe.

    Thanks Chazzz..


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