I'm looking for other Visor owners that have "extras" of the Handspring Deluxe styli, and want to trade colors.

I have a Graphite Visor Deluxe and usually use the Graphite Deluxe Stylus. However, I also enjoy using the green one, as I have a Green color-matched case, and sometimes want a change (I know, I'm really adventurous, aren't I!?).

I'm looking to swap my Orange and Blue (and perhaps Ice) Styli for Green or Black.

This is your opportunity to get a spare of the color you most prefer, and get rid of one that you're not as crazy about.

Please e-mail me with your preference and we'll cross-ship to each other, no exchange of funds needed...

(My stylii have always worked great, with no rough edges or scratching.)

Please call or write with questions...

Lacey, Washington, USA