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    I have available the blue, green, ice, and orange.

    If you'd like one, post your e-mail address and the color you want in this thread and I'll e-mail you separately to get your mailing address.

    If you'd like to return me US $6.00 in exchange, I'll take it. If not, well, that's up to you.
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    I am interested in the Ice styli. My email address is Thanks!
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    Interested in the blue stylus!! Respond to:

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    I'll take the orange one.


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    Green is all that is left-
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    They're all gone-
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    Was supposed to have the green stylus sent to me a week ago and still haven't seen it. Didn't know what is happening.. Please Respond!!!
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    I sent it to you via USPS a day or two after you e-mailed me with you add. I sent out three (to 3 diff. people) at the same time and I know at least one of them has been received. Used the exact address you gave me. Verified the pkg. had the correct postage. I dunno- It was about 3 weeks ago so if it hasn't arrived by now, I'd say it probably won't. Wish I had better news.
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    I never got mine either.

    Have Visor Will Travel!
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    At this point, I'd figure it isn't arriving. I have no idea what happened after I physically put all three packages into the slot *inside* the post office. Lousy deal, not much else to do. Sorry-
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    How did you send them? If you sent them just placed inside of an envelope, chances are they got jammed in a machine and were destroyed.

    Never send anything other than paper in a regular #10 envelope. Everyting else, use the padded cardboard envelopes that they can't try and run through the machines with.
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    Padded. At least one arrived at its destination-

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