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    I don't have any affiliation with this place, but I thought my fellow Canadians might be interested in knowing that they can actually get Visor stuff mailorder in Canada. (I don't know anything about them though. I haven't ever ordered from them.)

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    Eug, thx for the tip, I too have been monitoring that site for Visor stuff. They even listed the EB Visor Slipper as ETA Feb 28/2000. I have been waiting for mine for 5 weeks and I am serioulsly considering if they will truly have them in stock (with shipping, it's acutally going to be more economical buying from this place)

    Lucky I did get a Rhodiana case to use in the meantime. I have nothing but praise for this very well made case.
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    Hello Eug and Gretz99,

    I am from Vancouver and would very much like to order a Visor via mail is that place Eug mentioned is good? After what I've read for the last 3 months I don't think I can stand waiting 3 months or my PDA....

    Pls advice
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    Is it just me, or are the prices pretty high. They want $450 Cdn for a Visor Deluxe, but my math tells me $250 US * 1.5 exchange = $375. I didn't see anything about GST or PST; maybe it's included.

    Another example is with the new Palm IIIxe. They want $430 (after manufacturer's rebate) while the price on Canada is $325.

    Buyer beware!!!!

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    Remember that they are not Handspring or Palm "Retail Partners". the prices would therefore be a little higher than normal. Also remember that its cost them to ship the product to a US address (because Handspring does not ship to Canada) and costs them to ship it to Canada. Not to mention the huge customs bill they are issued at the border. I am in no way affiliated with any of these people. I am just laying out some other things that you should consider.

    Just my .02 cents
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    I did some homework in the last two weeks.

    1) Got my hands on IIIc....very nice TFT screen but way too expensive.
    2) The problem w/ ordering from handspiring is the inconsistency of their CS. If you're not in urgent need....I'll say Palm IIIxe is the good choice.
    3) I did look at the posssible tariff from Canadian customs and I conclude if $450 is GST included, I am okay w/ it....I was told by that one week is the normal wait. Since I suspect these guys purchased a large amount of Visors so they probably have them in stock and we'll save the hastle of dealing w/ the handspring CS.
    4) We were told that retail stores could have visors soon....Spring 2000...but it looks like handspring wants to fix their CS,backordering before going "public". Hence, more people will flood to the website buying instead of going to the stores. Vicious cycle....
    4) IIIxe is out's $379 at Staples and the IIIc is $649. Same price at Future Shop.

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    I dug a little deeper. The $450 for the Visor Deluxe does not include GST. Also, when the Visor first started shipping, it was available to Canadians. There was a thread some time ago where a couple of people investigated and found out that because of where the Visor is manufactured and/or assembled, no duty would be charged (thank you NAFTA).

    Also, it doesn't explain the $100+ difference between Handheld Interfaces and Canada. It just seems like a pretty high markup to me.

    My comment about "buyer beware" was intended to indicate better deals are out there if you shop around.
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    Cool name btw. Customs are charged at the border despite NAFTA. Taxes are also charged. This is one of the main reason why Handspring stop shipping pass the 49th parallel. $450+tax is cheap compare to the $300+ USD being charged on places like Ebay.
  9. #9're right. Customs will still charge tariff and GST at the boarder.'s still cheaper at Handheldinterfaces than going down to bring it over.

    I am thinking...however, if I can get IIIxe at $379 + tax at Staples (cheaper at I'll just forget about VDx...if I don't mind the colour and the springboard module.

    Any comments on VDx vs. IIIxe?

    Originally posted by yardie:

    This is one of the main reason why Handspring stop shipping pass the 49th parallel. $450+tax is cheap compare to the $300+ USD being charged on places like Ebay.
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    I'm seriously looking at the IIIxe. The main difference (for me) between the Palm and the Visor is springboard. I'm not sure which springboards I would ever buy, though some of the announced ones look interesting. Apparently Palm will be making new "devices" that plug into the serial port (there's been a GPS one for a long time). I'll admit this is not as elegant a solution as the springboard, but I think I could live with it. I'd also like to know what Sony's plans are. I think I'm going to wait until the Visor is in stores before making a decision.
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    I guess the decision is based on what do we need....are we asking for a lot from our PDA?

    I have a nice laptop and bring it whereever i I do not need a springboard modem and other really fancy stuff...I also reallize I'm only away from my office about 3 hrs a day (btw 9-5) adding the time I will use my PDA after work (1/2 hrs?) it only adds to maxium 3-4 hrs a day....a simple IIIe could top that already. Having said that....the desire to "get it first" (Future Shop's promo.) is tempting....I would love to have the Vx but reality ($) tells me it's not necessary the best decision. Do I need 8mb? Most people would install about 2mb of stuff in their PDA (even w/ web browser, foreign language tools, Quicken, and vol of books)....

    So I even thought of buying IIIx ($309 CAN from Costco)....IIIxe is $379 CAN.....don't think Visor is going to the stores soon (it maybe by May or June..earlist) If you can wait...sure....but I think I won't.

    the March issue of Computer Paper has an intersting article on the purchasing of a new PDA.....
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    I bought my Visor Deluxe from Handheld Interfaces. $450 Canadian is good value for the features especially compared to the pricing of comparable Palm Devices.

    Chris Tychansky is a knowledgeable and honest businessman. I talked with him several times about the different handhelds before I chose the Visor for its expandability and great memory out of the box.

    (Since I live in Toronto I saved the shipping costs by picking it up myself. They will waive the shipping costs for all purchases if you are a member of Canada's Premier Palm User Group, details at handheld's web site.)
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    I think people are mixing up some of the costs for shipping stuff over the border.

    Duty. None is charged at the border on most electronic stuff, including the Visor and modules. (NAFTA)

    Brokerage fees. Depends on the broker. If UPS, then you're hit with a large fee if it's UPS Standard, but it varies with the cost of the order. If you pay for the more expensive FedEx or UPS Express, then there are NO brokerage fees. If it's US Postal Service/Canada Post, then it's CAD$5 whatever the value. Brokerage fees have nothing to do with taxes or duty.

    GST. All shipments (except really small ones) must have GST charged.

    PST. I think it's up to the province, but Ontario now charges PST on everything. However, back in 1998 they didn't.

    Eugene Hsieh
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    One of you guys sounds like you could be anyone here jewish?
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    Just curious- How does someone sound Jewish on a bbs? I saw no mention of religion in the above thread.

    Perhaps the 8th grade curriculum has picked up some new items since I've been through.

    j. (yes, the ice is quite thin out here...)


    "Vaya con Visor!"

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    To add a little to your excellent assessment of importing into Canada:

    Ontario PST will be collected on imports. I think that only started last year.

    Beware UPS ground shipments from the states. UPS charged me a total of C$45.80 for importing a Visor Deluxe into Canada (that's just customs clearance - no duty is applicable).

    Handspring gave me a credit for that after I complained, since I asked them to ship it via express, not ground.

    USPS/Canada Post or Express shipping are a much better choice.

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    Don't hold your breath.

    I've just gotten off the phone with 2 operators at the Handspring Call Centre. Neither could tell me much, other than the Visor shipments to Canada will likely occur "some time later" than the promised "Spring 2000". The more knowledgeable of the two operators could also not confirm info from a different posting, which indicated that a Staples outlet in California would be carrying the product within the next fee weeks.

    There's not much worse than wanting something and knowing that you can't get it!
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    My apologies for the typo.

    My last posting should have read that Staples will be getting the product line in the next FEW weeks.

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