Looking for a cell phone to connect your Palm device to?

FirstPCS.com has a great selection of Nokia, Motorola and Ericsson AT&T Digital PCS phones and service plans to fit any budget and any lifestyle.

Our prices CANNOT be beat, and unlike many web cell phone vendors, we're a full-service provider, including activation services. We also have a fantastic referral program that allows you to earn loads of extra cash towards future equipment and accessory purchases! -Nobody- on the web has a program like ours. Many of our phones are also package deals that include extras that you won't find anywhere else, like included desktop chargers, car chargers, leather cases and headset kits. We don't just sell bare phone kits.

First PCS is an AT&T authorized dealer -- our phones are the genuine article in original equipment packaging, new and certified by AT&T Wireless services. No grey market phones here!

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First PCS -- Why Buy Cell Phones Anywhere Else?

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