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    I am looking to buy a black handspring leather case. I am hoping to get one with a snap as oppose to the velcro. I could not find anything at ebay. I am in Canada, so the seller would have to ship the product to me here.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I can't help you out exactly, but I can offer you one with the velcro if you don't come up with anything else. I've ordered a premier case and am waiting for it to arrive. If at anytime in the near future you might be interested, let me know at
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    This X-mas I got a black "Deluxe Leather Carrying Case" from Palm that is georgeous and great for the executive guy/gal. The visor fits great and besides other things has an extra pocket for an aditional stylus. You can order an optional detachtcheable leather strap (I would not be caught dead with that over my shoulder) I'ts is too, let me say luxurious, for the kind of computer tech that I am, I hope you understand. You can see a great picture @ under accesories it is the fanciest they have. I don't use will sell for $55.00 + $3.20 USPS mail.
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    You might want to take a look at Devian DVP7
    at The case is made for Palm III but will fit visor nicely. But you have to remove the visor for hotsync. You can also read a review at
    Hope this helps.

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