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    Hi, everyone, I just got my long waited Chrome PDA Panache today in the mail. I ordered it two weeks ago but was notified that the product is on back order. I order it because I hear so many good reviews on the VC about it. After exam it today, I have to say that I agree with everyone, it is a very design pen well much better tip to write with than the orginal visor stylis. BUT... the only problem for me is that this a bit too heavy for a girl. I am sure for guys, this pen is the perfect size and weight. But for me, this is a bit too heavy. Is there anyone out there interested on purchasing this Chrome PDA Panache from me? I am not looking into to make money, but just to sell it to cover for what I paid.

    for detail about this product, please visit

    or if you want to see the review, please go to
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    Hey there, I'm interested in the stylus. How much do you want to sell it for?

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    I received an email from her a day or two ago- it was already sold. I'm playing with Rhinoskin's Ti colored stylus (a little tight in the silo, but great weight). The reset pin is too short to reset my visor.

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