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    Hi There:

    I am a new owner of an Unlocked Orange Hangspring Treo 600. I got myTreo 600 through ebay. And it was unloacked as it arrives. Everything is great Only to find out now that , "When placing call , once the call is in progress of ringing, I am not able to hang up the call, And when I do hang up the call, the system freezes, then require soft reset to reboot the phone again.".. Does anyone experience the same problem ? Woudl some have any idea and solution to fix this problem.. Step by Step explianation please...

    Here is my Treo 600 info:

    Firmware: 03.05
    Software: Treo600-1.0-OUK
    Hardware: B

    email :

    Please help.. I have suffer enough from this "Hang Up Bug "
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    I had this bug too, but had a locked Orange Swiss software version, so I doubt that it is due to the unlocked version.

    If I were you, I would start with the software update from PalmOne available here:

    When I did the update for my operator, that bug went away.
    Good luck.
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    DO NOT PAY FOR UNLOCKING... i unlocked my treo for FREE.. it was real easy just download the patch and BINGO...the only problem with the software is that it is the old software.. if that matters, and you cant use the internet, at the moment anyway....if anyone can help me with that problem they would be welcome..
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    This last post is quite old.. in any case the firmware updates from Palm are now available now to upgrade to v3.05/3.06

    This will also allows you to unlock your phone with software. I did my at
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    Why pay to unlock it when it's available for free on ?
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    treo 600 unlocking service is free from
    T-moible Cingular Orange Rogers AT&T
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