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    I carried this over from another topic:

    Let me clarify that I am not associated with Best Buy, or MSN.

    You can get a Palm Vx for $50 @ Best Buy stores right now. However, you have to sign a three year contract with MSN to get a instant $400 rebate for that price. Someone might be interested. As for me, I can't stomach the idea of $22/mnth for 36 months with MSN.

    You can stop the MSN service at any time, but you will be charged $400 to your credit card if you stop before your 36 month term is up. However, there is an exception to this rule! You CA and OR residents take notice of this excerpt from Best Buys Fine Print: "provided that if you are a resident of California or Oregon you will not be required to repay the credit amount." That means that you can discontinue the MSN service at anytime and NOT repay the $400 rebate! However, Best Buy probably won't even offer this in CA nor OR.

    I thought this offer through. When all the factors are accounted, this offer may not be so lame for some people. The MSN 36 month contract @ $22/mnth = $792. This sounds like a lot of money until you factor several things together.

    Take this into account. For the most part, the least expensive ISP access is averaging around $10/mnth. $10 x 36mnths = $360. You receive a $400 instant rebate from Best Buy, bringing the price of you Palm Vx down to $50. Take the MSN rate and subtract $400. $792 - $400 = $392. This brings it more in line with the cost of the average ISP. Now factor the interest savings on your credit for $400 over just a year at 15% and you’ve saved another $60 in interest. This starts to make the Best Buy/MSN deal look cost effective. This may be the fastest way for some people to get into a Palm Vx.

    Let me know what you think of this offer.


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    Thanks for the Tip LanMan. I think I'll end up making money on the deal.

    They took an Instant $400 off at the register, plus printed out another $400 rebate form. So I'll either cancel MSN (in CA) or use it to pay MSN with it.

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    Actually, guys, you can get net access for free.. there are several ones out there these days, the only "cost" is they put up a banner ad which continually changes ads on you.. I actually like it, and have used the ads to pick up some good deals.

    altavista has one, freei, and netzero are the 3 I use. I like Netzero the best.
    Believe it or not, I actually get a FASTER connection with Netzero than I did with Mindspring. 44000 vs 336000.
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    Believe is or not though... you are probably connecting to the same place anyway.

    The way most ISPs run is they they rent out a lot of "POPs" from companies like UUnet, PSInet, Level3, etc. And many times, people are using the same thing, with different numbers when they switch service.

    The thing about free ISPs is that they WILL sell your information... and that banner ad get's really annoying.

    Here's what I would do (and do)... use a regular ISP (Earthlink or MindSpring, merging anyway) because they have privacy policies and have a good customer service and tech support. (whereas many times, free ISPs do not really) Then, just do your money saving online. How much stuff do you buy a year? You can save TONS buying them online. And if the ads don't bother you, go to They put a banner on your computer with your regular sevice. And they pay $.50 an hour you surf up to 25 hours. but they also pay you for everyone you refer.

    My friend made over $650 last month from alladvantage.

    Saving $400 now means you'll be paying it all back and then some after the fact. The best way, is to buy a a good price, and have good net access... don't bother with the rebates. Besides... people are wanting high speed access a lot now. Not just dial-up which those are.
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    Geeze, straying off topic here.

    I think the original point was that if you're a CA or OR resident, it does not matter. You can cancel and not have to deal with MSN. I took advantage of the offer, and had the nice surprise of a Double Rebate. Not only will I get to cash in on the CA loophole, but I also got the instant $400 rebate. Thanks Bill Gates for paying me for my Palm.

    ChipChen - You are not 100% correct, yes most of the ports are from Port Wholesalers, but some End User companies Prefer certain Vendors, or buy from Several Vendors.

    The vendors have to meet a lot of criteria in connect rates, disconnects .. etc. Generally, the port resalers will not put all their eggs in one basket, if they don't meet the numbers, they don't get paid. So they tend to mix things up on the NAS side of the network.
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    dumbuser, let us know if you have any trouble with that MSN disconnect. I'm not a CA nor OR resident, but I am curious. I don't see how they expect to make money with a loophole in their contract like that. I'm sure it is the result of state laws in CA and OR. I wish they had a law like that in Missouri.

    Good luck!
    MB <><

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    I sure will keep you posted. Thanks for the Free Palm and Money too!

    I think under the normal, circumstances.. Best Buy will still make money. They were not suppose to give me the Instant Rebate. That money comes from MSN's pocket not theirs. MSN just figures they'll take it as P/L then make their killing selling Ads.

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    It looks like you need to come up with a new ID. That doesn't seem to fit anymore. How about 'slyuser' instead.

    MB <><
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    I just trekked over to the Best Buy in Pinole, CA in search of this offer. I asked to look at the contract and it was written specifically for California and Oregon residents. I'm not a lawyer, but it appeared to me to be a binding contract. It was written more like a loan than a rebate. Microsoft will loan you:
    $100 if you sign up for 1 year
    $250 for two years
    $400 for 4 years

    It required a valid credit card to apply for the loan and you are required to pay back the loan if you cancel your MSN subscription before the term date. I opted out. It looks like they may have closed the loophole, at least at the store I visited. It wouldn't hurt to check out other Best Buys to see if they've caught on yet. Good luck to anyone else that tries

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    Thats the same store I went to also. Maybe you'll get the Instant rebate there too.

    Any, yes you are correct in what you said about the contract. However, notice that the contract (load papers) in the packet says:
    The MSN Instant Cred Program requires (1) the purchase of a personal computer,
    Well, they already gave me my instant rebate and this packet is NOT the same offer as what USED to posted on
    So there must be 2 different offers, because the register was smart enough to print my Mail in rebate for this now non existent offer. Good thing I printed out the Terms from their Web Page before they removed the offer on the PDAs, Hard Drives, Digital Cameras.. etc..

    Now I'm just debating if I should get greedy and go for the MSN rebate too.

    You might just want to go up to the Cell Phone counter and say you want the $400 rebate, they'll take it up to the Cashier and if they don't ring it up with the $400 instant rebate, just say you've changed your mind because you thought it was an instant rebate.

    In the meantime, I've got some debating to do.
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    Hmmm, I dunno.

    The fine print is still there in the link you just provided (at the very bottom), and it does contain the exclusion for CA and OR. It might be worth a shot. I really don't need to get stuck with a Vx for $450. Any lawyers out there??

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    There use to be another fine print after that, which applied to the PDA's etc.. which is what LanMan quoted from. I don't think you'll be stuck, I didn't have to sign any contracts while I was there.
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    Two weeks ago Best Buy had the Palm Vx pictured in their weekly add in conjunction with this MSN $400 offer. In bold type they listed the price of the Vx as $49, and when I read on it was due to the MSN $400 instant in-store rebate. I would go ahead and ask them if they will give it to you now! You CA and OR residents don't seem to have anything to lose.

    BTW - I'm a network engineer, not an attorney.

    MB <><

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    Its OFFICIAL!!!!

    Time to go pick up some more.
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    Yes, but more what? I already have a Palm IIIx that I'm quite pleased with, but I wouldn't mind a big screen TV.

    According to the article, you can use it for anything in the store and it also applies at Staples, Office Depot and Office Max.

    And maybe I should just cancel my DSL account and go with MSN

    Can't last for long...
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    Good job hunting down that article, dumbuser! Now, I wonder how expensive it would be to move to CA or OR for a day...? I guess I'll just stick to buying a VDx.


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    Someone in California or Oregon could make some serious profits buying at $50 + rebate and selling on ebay or something. If anyone in California or Oregon wants to send me an email and eventually get me a Palm Vx, I'd love to send them a few extra bucks for their trouble.

    Let me know.
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    hey, if anyone californian or oregonian could do me the tremendous favor of picking me up a Vx for $50 I would be extremely happy. hell, i've got an unopened version of pocket quicken and an unopened case for the palm III that i'd throw in in conjunction with $70. please let me know if it's possible, and if so, please email me at

    Thanks alot

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    And for those looking for the legal rebate form:
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    mweight and mactin,

    Let us know if you have an luck getting someone to send you a Vx from CA, or OR.

    However, I think you are going to have to offer them a lot more than $50-$70, and some software/case to get someone to sign a three year contract with MSN only to cancel it a month or so later. Then they may even have to deal with their credit card company to keep MSN from rebilling the $400. Even though the contract exempts CA and OR residents, I think that MSN WILL make a "mistake" or two about rebilling their rebates upon cancelation.


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