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    Yeah, you people in CA just E-mail me i will pay you 100 bucks or somthing like that for a plam Vx. Sure you can sell it for 500 somewhere else. But don't you want to help your real friends (us)

    Greg Moore

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    It's madness...

    BestBuy is selling out of everything.

    I went on my lunch break... there are LINES for BestBuy. Like... LINES. Lines like Christmas season. (well, not quite.. but there were over 30 people there just for that deal)

    Just thought I'd mention that.
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    Alrite, my offer is $100 cash, an unopened copy of Landware's Pocket Quicken, and an unopened leather palm iii case to whatever californian or oregonian would be kind and unselfish enough to pick me up a palm vx with the $400 rebate. contact me at if you are that kind and unselfish person.

    thanks alot,

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    I live in San Jose and the Best Buy here, looks like they had looters run through the store! It has been a madhouse.

    Everything good is OUT OF is amazing. For those of you requesting to have someone casually stroll in a Best Buy and pick up something is not going to happen. Even while the store was open they ran out of MSN paperwork to receive the actual $400 credit.

    To have an up to date website that is keeping track on this news goto:


    New Visor/PDA user...I love suggestions!
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    Sounds like y'all in CA & OR had better move FAST!!! I don't believe that MSN can leave this deal in place for very long. They'll lose their lunch! How can they possibly make this offer in states that have laws with loopholes?

    I'll take a Vx from anyone that wants to show pity on a poh-boy from Missour'a (or the state of Misery, for not having this law).


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    Question? Anyone other than those that live in CA & OR taken advantage of the MSN/Best Buy deal?

    I'd like to know what you think of it. Does anyone think that the deal would be worth a 3-year stint on MSN @ $22/mnth?


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    Well For all of you looking for the quick ripoff of MSN, Microsoft has pulled the rebate in CA (and I believe in OR also) as of today. Too bad for you

    Also, seems MS may be able to fight back on all these people who got their money back. Seems the loophole resulted from CA and OR law stating that you can't force someone to buy something to get a loan for the product. However the State board of Corporations in CA has ruled that this is a Rebate program and not subject to the above state law. So all of you who did this, be on the lookout for a huge charge on your cards if MS can do it.

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    Looks like they HAVE to honor for those that did take advantage of it. Now why didn't I think of the Acustic Guitar?
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    Thanks for the update Bryan and dumbuser. I guess the party's over for CA & OR. I'm surprised that it took so long for people to find out about it. The deal has been around since before Christmas. But is was a hard clause to find in the FINE PRINT. I only noticed it because I always look at FINE PRINT, closely.


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    LanMan, See above. That is the link to MSN pulling the plug.
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    Party is over.

    I had my friend stand in line for me while I was at work. At 7pm they shut their systems down and wouldn't let anyone else get onto the program.

    My friend was NEXT in line. The person before him got the deal, and he couldn't. I was really upset.

    Other BestBuys honored the deal until closing.

    Microsoft CANNOT fight back. They have to abide to THEIR agreement. Indeed the law didn't apply to them, but they misinterpretted the law and passed that onto the contract terms. Once they put it on the contract, it was binding. Their legal mistake.

    They aren't subject to those laws because they are not a financial institution, etc...
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    quote from LanMan
    "I'm surprised that it took so long for people to find out about it. "

    Maybe it was your post that opened the floodgates?? And I'm sure that article in the Merc helped a bunch.

    Anyway, thanks for the tip LanMan!

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    Actually, I think its the Slashdot effect. It was Slash dotted the other day.
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    Microsoft caught on and here the story.
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    according to this

    if you cancel the MSN contract, you have to forfeit 70% of whatever you owe left on the contract. (so $22/month x36x70%)= about $550

    if anyone hears what happens to those who successfully got the rebate and is going to cancel service, please post as I would like to hear how this turns out...

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