I posted this in the Shipping/ordering discussion a couple of days ago, and am amazed that no one has taken me up on it. I'll post it here one last time...

I live in Vancouver BC and I ordered a Visor deluxe before they stopped accepting Canadian orders. Several weeks after I received my order from Handspring, a duplicate of the original order arrived (and yes, a duplicate charge appeared on my credit card).

I have no use for the extra hardware, and since Handspring is no longer shipping to Canadian addresses, perhaps some Canadian out there would like it? I have an orange visor deluxe (cool colour, looks like an orange LifeSaver), plus a serial cradle and an 8mb flash memory Springboard.

I don't particularly wish to make a profit -- I just ask that you cover the original costs. E-mail me for details <nwatson@sfu.ca>. First come, first served. :-)