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    All items brand new:
    1) Graphite USB Cradle-$30
    2) Case Logic PLT-1 Case, Koskin material- leather-like.-$7.50
    3) Devian case DVP-7. Black leather.
    Stylus holder. Brass snap on side.-$25

    Both cases fit the visor perfectly.

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    I'll take the usb cradle if it's still available...mail me the details at Thanks--

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    Thanks a lot mike,

    Selling the cradle to gleung when you allready sold it to me....
    At least you did sent back my money....
    But I did spend money on changing my dutch money into $'s and sending it to the US....

    You could have told me before I sent it out...I would have paid you the extra $5 too...
    You know, I could sue you because of breach of contract, but I won't because I'm not as silly as the average american and it's not worth it....

    I would advise everybody not to deal with you...

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    Quit spewing the 'ugly American' rhetoric when it suits you. Go ahead and sue. This is a free country unlike perhaps where you live.

    Back to the facts. You had an inordinate delay in ever contacting me so I thought you no longer wanted it. Regardless, send me a note on what your $$conversion costs were, I'll double it, and send you a check.

    Let this be a reminder to others as to why buying/selling outside the states is a risky idea.!

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    I won't 'Quit spewing the 'ugly American' rhetoric when it suits you' because this is a free country too!

    the cost would be around $7 including shipment. But you can keep you check because it would probably cost me the same amount to cash it in...

    Anyway, I can understand you wanted to sell it to somebody else if you thought I wasn't interested anymore.
    However it is the decent thing to do to sent me a note to tell me.
    The last note I sent to you was that the payment was on it's way so I don't get it why you thought I wasn't interested anymore....

    I'll delete the other posting maybe I was judging you a bit to quick.

    The fact that you canceled my order without telling me and handspring doing the same thing pissed me off....I overreacted a bit...

    none the less I still think you could have told me before selling to somebody else....

    anyway, no hard feelings
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    p.s. I said silly americans not ugly...

    but if the shoe fits..

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