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    See, I'm a patient man. A very patient man. Not much of a psychopath either. Just a regular, if somewhat charming (so my grandmother says) guy. But now, I can't take it anymore. Let me explain. I e-mailed Handspring to know when the %^&$@# the visors are coming to Europe. On their site, they said early next year (but that being meant for those reading it last year, they meant this year.) Only when they mailed me, did they state that only the UK, Canada and France would get visors the first half of this year!!! Me living in Belgium (you know, the little country pressed in between Germany, France and the Netherlands), that's kind of bad news. To say the very least. So if you guys have any visors (deluxe) for sale, and you are willing to ship internationally, please let me know. Or better yet, if any of you guys (and gals) feels like offering me one for free, may God fulfill your darkest dreams. (Doesn't hurt dreaming, now does it?)
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    Hi Victor,

    I'm not sure what I can do to help but I'm a fellow European - well, Ex European, now living in the US.

    The visor is cool (esp my blue and ice one!) but not that different from the PalmIIIX (well except for the additional 4mb

    I dont think you're missing out too much.

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    I live in the US and will be more than happy to order anything from Handspring and ship it to Europe for anyone. I will just ask for a small fee of $15 per Visor for my time. That is a lot better deal than anything on Ebay and you will skip any tax also. Let me email is

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    For all those in Europe

    I have two BVD's coming anytime this week that were ordered b/c handspring lost my my girlfriends previous order. I will be willing to sell to anyone, but I will emphasize those that cannot get them as easily. Let me know where you are what you would like to pay and how you want to work out shipping.

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