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    Just received 2 pks of premium stylus from Handspring. They are a big improvement of the standard stylus. I have saved the two graphites for myself and have commitments from friends for one ice and blue stylus.

    For sale; 2 green, 1 blue, 2 orange. I will sell for $6 ea. or 2 for $10, includes shipping to your US address. Please post if you are interested.
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    I forgot to include that I have one ice stylus for sale
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    I'm interested in the ice stylus, if you still have it.

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    I will buy the two green stylus if they are still available.
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    I'm interested in one of your remaining styli...preferably blue, but anything you have left is fine. Please email me if still available at


    Cathy R
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    I'm interested in a stylus too, anything that you have left.

    My email is

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    if you have any left, let me know
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    I'll take the two orange or any you have left
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    Sorry for not getting back to some of you, but my hard drive crashed earlier this week. I have buyers for all the styli I had for sale. If that changes, I will submit another post.

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