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    Get $20 of any purchase over $20.

    When you purchase use "GIFTGUIDE" as the promotion code. Hurry, expires 1/2/20100.

    Currently, PocketQuicken is $5.95 with the discount.
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    Thanks for the info - ordered a great case!
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    Got pocket quicken for $6...great deal. Do you know any place I could get a cheap copy of Quicken 99 or 2000????


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    I'm going to have to charge you for shopping services now.

    I was looking for Deluxe, so I'll cut you some slack this time.

    $10 from
    Use that coupon. I'm upgrading, so I get a $20 rebate, so my final price is around $15 with tax, shipping etc.
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    I went to both of the sites, but all the cases were already under 20$ because people were purchasing them. the cases would be too much, even after the rebate. They both look like great deals though so thanx for the link.
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    Not as good of a deal, but hope it helps:

    20% off any order exp 1/30/00 no minimum

    $5 off an order on orders over $5

    $10 off any order, exp unk.


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