Has anyone considered if Handspring will honor the warranty of units resold by the original recipient?

They may well consider it a used unit. Keep this in mind when buying a 4-day-old unit for $100 or more above list.

They can easily check their records to determine who was the original buyer of the unit. Please note under terms and condition on their web site:
"Orders; Payment; No Resale. Orders are subject to acceptance by Handspring. Payment must be received by Handspring prior to Handspring's acceptance of an order and must be made by credit card or other prearranged payment method. Customer shall pay interest on all past-due sums at the highest rate allowed by law. Customer shall not resell any Handspring products."

I believe this paragraph protects them from warranty claims for resold units.

Just keep it in mind before you buy a "new unit" from an entity other than Handspring.

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