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    I will be willy to sell my BVDx for $350 plus shipping.It has been used for 4 days,but is in perfect condition.
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    Are u willing to go any lower than that......Why shouldnt i just buy if from handspring??????
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    I'd like to get $350.When I called HS CS they told me they wouldn't ship any Visors until at least 6 weeks after the order was recieved.And from what I've heard many of them are taking 8 weeks to ship.Then you have to worry about a broken screen or other problems.I can ship this as soon as I get the payment.Also,prices on ebay are going well over $350,up to $400.
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    Those prices are ridulous. You are better off buying it from HS. They have resolved the shipping problems. I got my BVD in less that 3 weeks and others here are reporting faster deliveries every day.

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