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    Handspring sent me an extra graphite Visor deluxe with a graphite serial cradle. Items have not been opened.

    I am willing to trade at cost for a blue, ice or orange visor deluxe.

    If interested, please send email to Susan at by Friday, 12/17.

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    If you want to sell, contact me at

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    I have a blue Visor Deluxe and now would like a Graphite. I received it on December 20 and I have used it but it is like new. I do not need the serial port becuase my came with a USB. If you are willing to trade just send a email at:

    I live in NYC. Where are you located? Maybe we can just swap machines in the city.
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    both the visor deluxe and the serial cradle have been sold.

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    Blue Deluxe for sale in NYC.

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