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    After gifts and personal stock, I have the following two items for sale. I personally use one of these styli and it's absolutely wonderful. It's not a heavy stylus, but it's not a feather either. They have a classy appearance and the actual stylus tip (retractable) is AWESOME. These styli retail for $18.50+ on the Cross website, and probably go for higher in retail stores.

    Be advised, if you have an OfficeMax in your area, you can probably purchase one of these for $2.00 + tax. They have decided to drop this product and are liquidating their stock. Please check with your local stores before requesting one of mine -- leave these for those who don't have access to them otherwise.

    I am making the following two (2) styli available for sale. Asking price is $10 each... which INCLUDES SHIPPING via USPS.

    Cross Pen-Computing-Group DigiWriter

    1 GOLD (10k filled) "Century" - <<SOLD>>

    <<SOLD>> Please see below for remaining stylus.

    1 CHROME "Century" - $10 (incl. shipping) - STILL AVAILABLE!

    *Be advised, this stylus does NOT fit in the Visor stylus silo.
    See: for details.

    FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE... BUT PLEASE, check your local stores first to see if they have any in stock.. it will be cheaper for you, you'll have it sooner, and other people who don't have access to one will still have a chance. It's only a phone-call to verify/reserve. (OfficeMax)

    Contact me and we'll talk terms:
    (Remove the '(at)' and replace with a '@')

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    I'll take the Gold one if you still have it. Let me know where to send the

    Chip Holcomb
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    I picked up several of these units - I have gold and graphite, same deal $10 if anyone wants them.

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    Good Grief! for someone offering a service to the community, you sure are acting like it is a big money making opportunity! - you are making less than $5 each, so was I - I think it covers the cost of me driving all the way out to the Office Max to pick them up MAYBE.

    Keep your little thread!

    BTW: Coke and Pepsi are nothing alike unless you count the "cola" after their names. Coke sucks.

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    Y'know... I think the way you "tagged along" on my post shows extremely poor taste. It's not hard to make a new thread and it's also much more polite. I have a chrome stylus for sale and if you have a "similar deal" that's fine, but go post it on your own.

    Ever wonder why Coke doesn't advertise for Pepsi, even though the deal is similar? Yeah.

    Anyway *MY* offer still stands. I have one chrome Century DigiWriter remaining for $10 which includes priority mail from USPS.


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