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    I had posted this for sale before, and I think the topic got deleted. I have the following colors for sale of Stylii.


    I am just asking $6 for them... to covershipping.

    Email me at for info, and availability.

    Mark Neumann

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    I'll take the blue one it you still have it. Send me your address and I'll send the $6.

    Chip Holcomb
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    Please save me the Ice styli. I've sent an E-mail, so just reply with an address and the dough is on the way. Thanks.
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    I'll take the green one. I'll send you an e-mail for arrangements. Thanks.
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    will take ANY available stylus you have leftover!!
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    I got the stylus yesterday. Thanks again and have a great holiday season.

    Chip Holcomb
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    Hi Mark,

    I just received the green stylus. It looks and works great with my Blue VDx. Thanks again.

    Happy Holidays!


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