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    Here's what you do to get your 180 unlocked with the unlock code.

    Goto the above site and get your unlock code. Put IN the SIM of the network your wanting to get onto. (now I did this to go from a T-Moble Treo 180 and used a SIM from my Nokia 3650 which is AT&T Wireless/mMode)

    By default when you first turn the 180 on, up above (after hitting the telephone book button (lower left), it says 'Wireless Mode is off'- Click the 'Voicemail' button. It will say, Wireless mode is off you wish to turn it on? Hit Yes. Now it will search for a network. Now the phone will eventually say that this SIM does not work with this network but that you can make emergency (SOS) calls. Hit Ok or whatever. But notice now up above it says No Service - SOS Only.

    Now your are connected and the phone is seeing the service provider but since your locked onto the phones locked provider, it says you can only make SOS calls. Which is exactly what we want.

    Now - bring up the dial pad and refer back to the site and enter your unlock code. NOW it will work as you get a message that the lock has been removed.


    P.S. Go check handsprings support site as there are GPRS updates/patches for the phone. I had to download the AT&T one as that was the service provider my SIM was for.

    Hope this helps!
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    BTW - I've read on several sites people telling others that the site is for unlocking T 180's that they sell. This is NOT true!

    If the site tells you that it has found your unlock code (regardless of where you purchased) then it will work.

    I bought mine on Oct 24th from a site I found thru PriceWatch. And it wasn't from Tiger.
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    Hmm... that link redirects you to their main page, so I guess they didn't like people doing this and had to take it down....

    edit: I take that back... looks like it's just that you need the "treo" part on the end of that link
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    what if 1tiger site doesn't give you a unlock code after typing in imei

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