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    Everyone's noticed the Visors going for more on Ebay. It would be a wise decision for Handspring to start auctioning off all thier units. It'd be groundbreaking. They'd be the first company I ever heard of whose products you had to bid for online.

    Of course, I'd hope they'd continue to ship products to people who never ordered them. Only they should give it a name. Call it...Visor Sweepstakes. Make it seem like their doing it on purpose.
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    I just hope they don't see it as cheap marketing research and realize they're underselling the damn things.

    Although, it's hard to tell with Ebay since most buyers are morons Seriously though, I can't quite figure out if the $350 selling price is what people value it as, OR if the extra $100 is worth NOT having to put up with the BS and guaranteed shipping time of around a week or so. If money were no object, I'd fork over that much more for the same reason.
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    From one E-bay ***** to all potential future E-Bay idiots -- a survivor's tale.

    I just shipped off a $342 check ($335 plus $7 UPS) to an EBay auctioneer for a NIB HSVisorDX (ice) with a USB port. I needed a VDX with serial port -- and had a solid $326 bid in for one -- but got skunked 11 minutes before the auction was to end when someone posted a bid and I failed to check in on it.

    Undaunted, I jumped on the next available one, waited till T-minus 2 minutes, posted my bid, and then kept reloading the page feverishly to make sure nobody skunked me again.

    And here I sit, having paid $100 more (including shipping) than I would have paid had I had patience to wait for Handspring to ship in "4 to 6 weeks."

    It's all about fetish. If you are obsessed, you will do *anything* to get what you desire. Sigh.

    Anybody out there got a serial cradle they can sell me? I'm avoiding the whole auction thing for a while...

    venice, ca
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    Depending on HS shipping, I might have an available serial cradle in a few days...

    If I decide that I can part w/ it, I'll probably" make it available for $25 + shipping or best offer.


    *Offer subject to change.
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    Thanks much for the offer. I bit the bullet and ordered a serial cradle, figuring I can goof around hand=inputting data for a week or three, as that appears to be the lag at the moment. Listen, I didn't recommend this, but if you sell the cradle on Ebay you'll do quite well. They're going for $40 and up.

    venice, ca
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    I have 2 (the extras sent and billed to me) Graphite Visor Deluxes on the block right now... I tried to spice the auctions up by throwing in 2 writerights and a CD full of Applications and Etexts...heh

    at 300 each as of tonight.

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    Zen - Oh *man* am I a moron. That was my first and last time on EBay, at least for a "hot" item.

    Yeesh. I must now slink away and lick my considerable wounds.

    venice, ca

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