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    I got one of these for a friend when I got one myself, he had already bought a case. The case is really sleek, spaces inside for cards,inside cushioning, and a nice and secure zipper to quickly open and close it. I'm asking 6$ less than retail(31$) including usa priority mail shipping.

    Its awesome, goto:


    for more info/to check it out. i have it on ebay right now,

    if it doesnt sell there, I'm hoping to get 22$ for it(including s+h)

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    How does it hold the visor in the case, i'de be intrested as long as it does not use velcro / or similar. let me know, you can e-mail me @

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    yup, its a little velcro patch sewn into the case, you attach it to another piece you stick on the back of the PDA. ive had no problems with velcro in the past, it comes right off whatever surface it was attached to easily, no residue, yet it holds pretty solid while stuck on...

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