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    While cleaning up - I found 2 more Springboards I'm pretty sure I had the most complete collection of these things LOL. So - to the point, I have found a Skytel 2 way pager made by Glenayre and an OmniRemote by Pacific Neo-tek. Surprisingly the Pager module is not selling for a whole lot ($6-$9) so I might bundle it up with something else so that I wouldn't have to ship it alone. Overall it has been very useful tool for me - it has let me send emails from the middle of nowhere - Skytel service I was using was $50 for 3 months and included 500 messages per month (don't think there was a text size limit).

    I'm looking to get $35 shipped for the OmniRemote. The casing on it has separted (nothing a bit of superglue or just some scotch tape can't fix) but it is 100% functional. I have mapped my TV/VCR/stereo/DVD to it and they all work great.

    Please keep replies about these 2 units here unless you want to 'bundle' them with some more items.

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    Don't forget these 2
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    is it still for sale
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    yes they are
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    35 seems a little high for me. do you still have the box and everything
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    Link to ebay listings for OmniRemote for the last 45 days

    If you look at that link you will see that the cheapest it sold was $36.55 +shipping.

    Price is $35 as is, no box, but fully functional.
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    has the price dropped
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    Why would it?
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    I just figured since you had to "bump" it that the price might have dropped. Let me know if or when it does until then I dont think I am interested
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    Where are you? Could you write me back please?

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