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    Good morning/afternoon/evening all,

    I got my VDx this past Monday (11/15), but got an extra one along with it (go figure!)...

    It is a Graphite VDx (box UNOPENED), with the leather bifold case (VERY nice). I ordered that particular csse because it was the cheapest one with a stylus holder -- allowed me to get the Palm V metal stylii (w/reset pin) for about $3 (for 3) at Staples.

    Anyone who's interested...make me an offer. (I would prefer to sell both the Visor and case, but we'll see).

    Pls send all bids to

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    Is the graphite VDx still available? I've send e-mail but no response. I'm still interested. Thanks.
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    Sorry to take so long (long wknd)...pls resend e-mail; I don't think I got it.

    Also, pls let me know if you are interested in:

    1) Leather case (bifold, very nice, chk, and/or
    2) Serial cradle (it was backordered, but I've since been charged for one, so I think it's on the way.)

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    Thanks to all for your interest in the extra Visor! I have carefully considered all the offers and am now making sale/shipping arrangements with the buyer.

    BTW, I received the backordered serial cradle yesterday...does anyone need one (graphite)?

    Thanks again,
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    I do!! Email me

    Se que el mundo no es justo, pero podria ser injusto a mi favor...

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