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    I ordered the 5 pack, and only need one. So, I will sell the rest, if you dont have one already, when I get mine. I figure $5, and that would include shipping. Let me know. Thanks. If the make a graphite one, I will keep that one.

    Mark Neumann

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    I'd love to get one. Count me in if you don't mind.

    Dave (first time poster but longtime lurker)
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    I need two, to choose between black, blue or ice. If not availables, I don't care 'bout the color as long as I have 'em.

    email me to

    Se que el mundo no es justo, pero podria ser injusto a mi favor...

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    No problem... I will let you know as soon as I receive them...(I am just happy I have my Visor right now) I ordered about 2 weeks ago, for the Styli that is. I will come back here and post when I get them, I just have to sell them, I dont need 5, and the $15.95 plus $8.50 shipping doesnt make much sense to me.

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    OK, but... who's getting each color? I'm interested in the ice, blue or graphite.
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    Popete, you can have either the Ice or Blue one.. I would like to keep the Graphite one if there is one...

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    Skat and Popete... by the way, I didnt see that I said this, but you both probably know, I dont HAVE these yet. I ordered them about 2 weeks ago... So.. hopefully soon.

    Right not it is:

    Popete- Ice or Blue or both.
    Skat- Undecided I believe at this time.

    Mark Neumann

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    OK, I'll take blue and ice.
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    I can live with the styli not in yet. I'm still waiting on my Visor too =)

    As for the color, anything but yellow! I'll just take whatever the others don't want. Thanks again Mark


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