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    I just bought a Treo 600 through Handspring's upgrade program, so I am selling my Treo 300 (S/N not eligible for upgrade). It is in the original box with the CD, Manual, USB Sync Cable, A/C Charger, and headphones. I'm also including the USB Charging Cradle and the Vehicle Power/Charger (not Treo 600 compatible). I am bundling it with the Targus Universal Wireless Keyboard, which works great with the Treo 300, but I barely used it enough to justify keeping it. The keyboard comes with a manual and a CD with drivers for both Palm and PPC. I will pay to ship everything in one box to your door if you live in the continental U.S. $175 as is. Since I am selling it through my business, I can accept credit cards. Thanks!

    If interested, please e-mail me at:
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