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    Well, turns out that in their massive shipping phase to get all the first customers, they sent me an extra one a few days ago (I got mine originally oct 25), so I too am not willing to screw around with Ebay and would like to give it to a true fan on here.

    I'm asking about 265 for this. That's 250 for the visor, 8 bucks I originally paid in shipping, and about 7-8 more for me to ship it to you. If I make 1-2 bucks profit off this, whoop dee doo That's not the point though.

    This is a blue visor deluxe and is still completely closed in the box. (just the shipping box has been opened). Please post reply to this message so a bunch of people do not get their hopes up by emailing me

    Also, I ask that you are one of the originals who is lost and soulless waiting for their visor for the longest time. If you were thinking about ordering and haven't done so yet, I'd rather you give someone else a chance.. but I have no way to tell anyway, so the race is on.
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    Me first!! Email me

    Se que el mundo no es justo, pero podria ser injusto a mi favor...
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    Is it still for sale? If so please email me at, thank you.
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    Sorry. No more visors for sale.

    But this is Handspring we're talking about. I may very well get more so we shall see.

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