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    I received my Visor Deluxe last Friday, and I'm interested in selling it. I know that the box is open, but I've hardly used it because USB is not supported with Windows NT.

    There's nothing wrong with the unit, but I really don't want to wait on a serial cradle (Handspring's cust svc is poor!) and I would really like Flash ROM.

    I'm asking $300 for the original Visor Deluxe and a 2nd USB cradle. I will ship via UPS ground for free, as soon as a money order is sent to me. Price is negotiable.

    Please e-mail me at the address above for further information.

    Thank you,
    Steven Baranski
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    I'm sorry to bother anybody, but I found someone at my company willing to purchase my Visor. Please consider this "thread" closed.

    Steven Baranski

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